Originals for sale

     Occasionally we will list original paintings and drawing for sale here. Prices are given in US dollars. If the artwork is framed, we will have to built a crate which will cost an additional $15 plus postage. Unframed pieces may be matted or not, and will require lighter and less complex packaging. Please note that all artwork for sale is covered by U.S. Copyright.

"The Welcoming Committee" is a colored pencil painting of three very eager Welsh Corgis.



  "Last Ones In" is a mixed media painting of a Border Collie bring in the last of the sheep at the end of the day.


"Camo Doxies" is a colored pencil portrait of two dappled Dachshunds on an Army jacket. Current price is $500. The painting will be available for sale after April 20, 2012.


"Barbecue Doxies". This is a double matted, framed print. Current price is $150. This framed print will be available for sale after April 20, 2012.


"Nobody's Home", Image area 9 1/2" x 13 1/2", colored pencil portrait, double matted and framed. Current price is $400. Presently available for sale.