Dog Show Cards

    The dogs don't care, of course! But it's fun to celebrate the levels of accomplishment you achieve with your dog. It's also a very nice way to acknowledge the success of your friends and associates. All cards are $1 each. Please note that all J.S. Canina materials are protected by U.S. Copyright.

Conformation - Cards to celebrate the levels of Conformation success. Please click on each thumbnail to see a larger version.

(Inside text) Whether first or last, you get closer to finishing with each one. Congratulations on your newest points!

(Inside text) It takes hard work, patience and perseverance to bring a fine animal to recognition as a champion. Congratulations on your success and best wishes for the future.

(Inside text) You've placed in your Group! Congratulations! You must be flying high!

(Inside text) Congratulations on winning your Group, Best of Show is next!

(Inside text) Congratulations! You've made it to the very top, the pinnacle of excellence, Congratulations and best wishesfor continued success.



Obedience - Cards to celebrate the levels of Obedience success. Please click on each thumbnail to see a larger version.

(Inside text) No! Not that kind of leg! You've got the second leg on the way to your Obedience Title! Congratulations!

Canine Good Citizen! Good Dog! (inside text) You're polite, friendly, well-behaved, well-groomed, well-trained and dependable. Have you thought of running for office?!

A companion dog is.... (inside text) a canine friend with higher education! Congratulations on earning your CD!

(Inside text) You both worked together so well! Congratulations on winning your C.D.X. title!

(Inside text) Truly, you two are a team! Focused, working together, performing almost with one mind. Congratulations on achieving your Utility Dog Title!

(Inside text) It's taken time, patience, and perseverance, but you've made it. Congratulations! You've won your UDX!

(Inside text) You've come through the long hours of practice and competition as a team with one mind, one heart. You've earned the prize. Congratulations! You're an Obedience Trial Champion!


Dog Fun Stuff! Performance events for work and play!


(Inside text) You're comin' through! Straight to your Agility Novice Title! Congratulations!


(Inside text) Ahhh...what style! You are a Junior Hunter! Congratulations on winning your title!


(Inside text and graphic) You did it! Fine Herding!


Caring and Sharing - Sympathy for the loss of a dog or cat, dog adoption, inquiring into the health of a pet, announcing of dog breeding, announcement of litter.

(Inside text) Hopefully the sorrow you feel will be eased by loving memories and the sympathy of caring friends.

(Inside text) The loss can seem unbearable. May the pain be eased by pleasant memories and the sympathy of loving friends.

(Inside text) Adopting a pet is a nice way to bring home a friend.